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Have you ever entered a space which you thought was really impressive and perfect?

Not only the architecture and decor, but also the lighting is crucially important to make the story complete. We, as specialists, can create a better value for your project by using artificial lighting. The kitchen, salon, colorful carpet, art on the wall ... come to life when illuminated in a proper way. This can be applied indoor as well as outdoor.

Of course we take into account style, design and budget of your future project. Together we elaborate a lighting study in order to create a successful result.

We offer:
♦ A lighting study that meets your wishes and style
♦ A 2D illumination plan with detailed positioning of the lighting points
♦ A lumens calculation that meets the needs of your project.
♦ A quote/proposal developed in accordance with the illumination plan
♦ Energy-calculation of your lighting
♦ Technical support .

Are you interested or would you like to know more about lighting study?
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